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There are 23 sites within the emotional feelings network of sites. Most of those sites have a homepage that offers you, the visitor:
  • a brief explanation of the topics covered in each of the sites in the network

  • an article or two

  • a monthly column that I myself write that is titled, "i just gotta say it!"

  • the e-mail address for the site

  • links that you can click on to find out how to volunteer, help others, or donate to a specific cause

  • miscellaneous info

"I don't know...This sounds like a waste of time...."
It's a defeatist statement, isn't it?
Often times when we're online searching, reading or talking to someone in hopes of finding the answer, that "Magic Answer" that will fix all of your problems, we get more insecure than we already are. We're very sensitive. Sometimes we feel very hurt & raw. Other times we're in a horrible mood.
Sometimes every word we read sounds ridiculous. It's just hopeless. We don't understand what our problem really is. Most of all, we feel like something is wrong with us, but we can't put our finger on it.
The emotional feelings network of sites is here covering a broad spectrum of problems that people commonly have. The strange thing about it... they all seem to touch each other in some way.... by this I mean... they're all related to each other in some way.
For instance, if you're feeling depressed, you may feel tired, you may not be sleeping well, you may eat improperly, you may feel like the world is spinning around you in slow motion.... the depression is what triggers the troubles you have with sleeping. You get emotional because you're so tired, so you eat foods that are mostly "comfort foods." You feel tired so you don't want to exercise & this may make you gain weight. When you gain weight, you get more depressed & you begin to have body image issues.
It's a vicious circle. If you feel as though all your troubles are related, it's because they are. When so much is wrong & so little is right...
It's easy to get depressed, hopeless, confused, negative & since most of our parents didn't know how to cope in a positive & productive manner when things were going wrong - they never taught us how to cope in the right way. Therefore, we react to all of the mess we're in by coping in a negative fashion.
Coping in a negative way often is an attempt to feel better right now. We get impatient. We want relief. We hate feeling bad. So we have a drink, smoke a cigarette, medicate with drugs, gamble, shop, eat, spend too much time on the Internet; there's a whole list of things people get addicted to because they began to do something to "feel better" when their world was out of their control. When someone's world is out of control.... their thinking gets distorted, they question their belief system & they begin to develop more & more negative coping mechanism when they can't figure it all out.
Sound familiar?

As you can see, or count above, you've been offered 41 opportunities to learn something more than what you see right here on this page, some opportunities that might help you feel better, by using the tools provided:
the underlined link words.

begin with mental health....
read each page, absorb the information, see if you think that some of the symptoms listed for anxiety disorders or depression are things that you are experiencing. recognizing what you're experiencing is important. you can do it! just reading thru the descriptive articles will help you until you find something that sounds just like what it is that you're experiencing!
there's also the opportunity of reading more aobut that particular similarity by clicking on the underlined linked titles of articles that have similar information which can be found on each page!

Do you feel like... the light's on ... no one's home!
You're understanding what I'm saying but you keep thinking... this isn't about me.

When you're experiencing a mental disorder, it's a medical illness. Many people don't believe that, but it's true. Your thinking may be distorted. You might not be making the best decisions. You may be self medicating your pain and hurt being caused by these bad decisions with negative coping mechanisms. Drinking, smoking, using drugs, etc. can also cause distorted thinking.
If you weren't experiencing something wrong.... you wouldn't be here!

emotions & feelings pages....
explore feelings & emotions that you've been feeling in your present & your past... Read articles concerning that particular feeling or emotion to get a better understanding of the emotion or feeling that you're inquiring about.
Each emotion or feeling page offers you a definition of the word, articles pertaining to the word & explanations in some cases, of how to deal with the emotion or feeling.
It's likely that you have a wealth of unresolved, unrealistic, buried, stuffed, hidden, repressed or unrecognized emotions & feelings inside you. Sometimes our life is affected by these very inconspicuous emotions & feelings.
That's the truth... so you must learn how to deal with them.

Learning how to correct behaviors that you've been using your entire life...
changes will help you with that...

got teens? if you have teens, are a teen or know someone that has teens, or you'll soon be dealing with you kids becoming teens... this is the place to turn... it's mental illness, emotions, feelings & life as teens deal with it.
got kids? if you have kids... you'll need to understand some very important things about them... this site isn't complete, but hang in there... there's more than enough info to keep you busy reading while i finish up the site!
are you a senior parent ? or are you a caretaker?
got young adults? this category of people are having tons of problems these days... the stress is too much to cope with...
can't understand women?
can't understand men?
it's all within the network... it's worth understanding.

Need to make changes in your lifestyle? changes will also help you with those changes you need to make.
Learn about goals, planning, time management and so on...
If you procrastinate... this site's for you!

Of course, the self pages.... learning about your own self is essential in recovery.

where does all the information on the sites come from?

The information is researched on the internet, in books, in magazines, ezines, newsletters & thru my own personal experience; as well as the experiences reported to me by other victims or those in recovery with whom I've spoken to personally.
At the bottom of each page is a list of web links that are the web addresses to the site from which I found the articles displayed on each page. 
If references are listed at the bottom of the articles I read, then you can usually find the references listed below the underlined link article title. Clicking on those links will take you to the page the article was posted on.

i can't do this!
If you continue thinking that you can't do something....
guess what?
you won't be able to do it.

If you begin to explore the sites in the emotional feelings network of sites and you still have a negative attitude, you'll most likely never use the opportunities offered you with every underlined link word in the site.
When you're reading along and you see an underlined link word, you'll most likely ignore it. Negative attitudes hurt us as much as being totally pessimistic can hurt us. If all you think about are bad things....
....then bad things will happen. If you don't take advantage of the opportunities afforded you to educate yourself, so you can understand more about what you're feeling.... well, then you'll continue to feel bad, have a negative attitude and become an eternal pessimist.

consider this...
Positive thinking can change your life. If you've been living in fear, perhaps you have been imagining lots of "what ifs." That's what I did. I lived in fear for most of my life. It's not a good thing. Positive thinking can change your life.
What if you just said, "I can do this."?
Your goal needs to be recognizing similar symptoms that you're experiencing to be able to begin to identify what your problem is. Positive thinking, feeling confident in identifying with what you're reading about can happen, if you choose to follow the path of underlined link words! It's a method to tie together all the small likenesses of your feelings, symptoms & emotions!

When you click on the underlined link words on each page of every website in the network, you'll travel to another page, that might be in another site. A new window will pop up and it will give you information concerning the word that you clicked on.
Each underlined link word is an opportunity for you to understand more completely, adding additional educational benefits to your immediate knowledge of the word.
What can additional information do for you? What opportunity am I talking about when I mention opportunities being offered with each underlined link word?
Each piece of information may open a door for you. It might not be a door opened today, but the more you learn, the more likely you will acquire knowledge that will open your mind more, offering you a more complete understanding of what you're facing in your life.
Might be, two months down the road, you'll think....
"My dad used to feel like a failure. I remember clicking on that word, "failure" & reading about how feeling like a failure can cause depression. Maybe he was depressed and not mean like I thought he was. Maybe the reason he acted like he didn't care was because he was so depressed!"

What happens when you realize something like this?
It's inspiring. It's insight you can use to further your understanding of your life dysfunctions so you can better recover from them.
It's reason to keep trying.
It's a reason to be hopeful for more understanding....
no matter what stage of recovery you are in.... realizations are precious! That's why underlined link words are so important. They are the stepping stones that you'll need to step on in your recovery.

the layer down under...
designed from the concept that we all have layers & layers & layers to infinity of issues, problems, unresolved emotions & feelings, false beliefs, distorted thinking, etc. that we need to deal with. We can't do it without the proper tools.
the layer down under is designed to learn about the tools you'll need & expose some issues that are connected to your core issues, whether they be mental health issues, an eating disorder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, an unresolved trauma just to name a few!
and then there's the layer down under that! just as the meaning indicates... another layer of things to discover, mull over in your mind or continue learning about from the other sites!

what do you have to lose?
you're already feeling lousy.... you don't know what else to do.... why not just look it over to learn a few things?
after all.... it's free.

this is the number of people who have been where you are right now....
how many do you think take the opportunity to get better?
none of us will know about them...
what about you?

You could lose everything left in your life that means something to you, if there's anything left in your life that is.

If you've been unfortunate enough to deal with parental alienation in a custody fight or domestic violence or any other kind of abuse...
You can visit those sites, but they're a work in progress. Still painful for me to deal with sometimes, so I just keep on working on them...

thanks for visiting! try recovering 101 is a part of the emotional feelings network of sites! I thank you and offer you a helping hand whenever you need a shoulder to lean on!

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